About Walter

The purpose of founding this blog was out of the experience for Walter.

As he notes in one of his publications, he said that he had a bad experience with one of his bosses who was selfish and never wanted to be questioned.

It was one of the nightmares in his career life. However, he took the whole experience positive and read books and publications on leadership.

The irony of it was that he was looking for articles discussing how to handle bad leaders. Little did he know that he was to look for the opposite?

That was the reason for the quest for leadership content.

With that knowledge, he vowed to ensure that people have information when it comes to leadership.

He goes a step further to engage in partnerships for institutions that offer leadership training.

Walter P. Doering


About Us Leadership Ville

As much as people tend to think that leaders are born, excellent leaders undergo some training to perfect their skills in their respective roles.

At Leadership Ville, we are here to give you information as far as leadership training is concerned.

Our mandate is to make sure we have leaders who use wisdom and tact to discharge their duties.

Our facilitators and scholars talk from experience, for they are top leaders in the world’s most renowned businesses in different sectors of the economy.

Our Statement

Our mission

We aim to ensure leaders have the necessary skills and knowledge, and personality to discharge their duties.

We do this by providing information and curriculum on what to expect regarding leadership training.


Our goal is to have great leaders who can customize their leadership roles to give their juniors an easy time when it comes to management.