Leaders are born, so they say. However, that leadership skill needs to be nurtured and sharpened to become better.

Are you entitled to organize a leadership training conference? Did you know that your organization is the determinant f the success of the training?

In that case, your level of preparation is crucial for the success of the conference. Why should you prepare for the conference?

  • Allows you to exhaust all activities
  • Enhances comfort of the attendees
  • Gives you ample time to concentrate on the core business of the conference
  • Helps to handle any emergencies that arise
  • Timely communication gets you the best facilitators and speakers

Research the venue for early booking travels

The best conference facilities are booked early. Don’t think of the venue and communicate it in your marketing materials when you haven’t confirmed its availability.

Once you have a date and venue, do you early bookings to avoid last-minute rush or disappointments.

Book early to ensure you have all the available resources at your disposal. Don’t use online reviews on the value of the conference; do our own research to prove the praises.

What to check in a conference facility

  • Functioning AV/DC equipment
  • Availability of internet connection
  • Projector and a viewpoint
  • Video and audio equipment
  • Cords and cables

Discuss with the person if they come at a cost or it’s inclusive in the package, or it’s a separate payment. It helps you with your budget.

Have a background check on the speakers and facilitator

You are organizing a conference for a leader who is also facilitators. That means that you also need to have the best in the name of speakers.

In that case, then you have to run a thorough background check on the best facilitator for such a high-level conference.

Reviews come in handy but also have videos of their past speeches to rule out any misconceptions.

Work on the conference schedule

What are people doing at what time? When do we have nature breaks or lunch or recreational time?

Are the foods available at that time? Talk to the in-house caterer on the menu options and the cooking method of choice.

Do you cater to the diverse needs of the attendees? For meats, you can’t go wrong with smoked dishes. 

This cooking method provides maximum flavour for your guests. For in-house training, it’s important to enhance their comfort away from the conference.

What are some of the outdoor activities you want your guests to engage in? Think of a misting fan when they enjoy the sunny summers at the balcony?

If you prefer to take a rest outside, that is something you need to put in consideration.

Make timely communication with the guests.

You have done the check and narrowed down to the kind of guest you need to have as facilitators and main speaker at the event.

You have the venue, date and the time; it’s now the moment to communicate with the guests to confirm their attendance.

Give your guests time to prepare through early communication. This is the time you conform their availability to help you in the next stage-preparation of marketing materials.

Do thorough marketing for the target audience- leaders.

A conference is all about attendees. You may have a theoretical perspective of the number of people to attend.

That helps you to choose a conference facility to accommodate them. In that case, you have to use various marketing methods to ensure you have the right audience relevant to the facilitators.

That is the time you have the following communications

  • Objective
  • Goals
  • Theme
  • Target audience

The marketing campaign should answer all the questions that attendees need. It is a complete document that gives an overview of the seminar.

Use social media to your advantage.

Social media is a powerful platform to disseminate information on the upcoming conference.

Create a page on all the platforms such that it’s the talk of the town. Let leaders talk about it and plan to attend.

It comes with the following benefits

  • Increases traffic
  • Promotes the conference
  • Helps to create brand awareness
  • Ignites social interaction
  • Makes you connect to the audience
  • Gives attendees more information about the conference
  • Provides an overview of what to expect from the upcoming conference

Work on technology check

We are in a digital world; you have to incorporate this in your plan. That helps you to make the leaders now whether to come with their smartphones or laptops, among other technology gadgets.

If the facilitators provide online notes, they know what to have on board on a material day. Nothing disgusts as leaving your gadget when you know it’s of use in the conference.

Conversely, it’s worse when you carry all your gadgets only for them to be baggage for no good reason.

Have a follow-up strategy for easy planning

You can’t sit down thinking that you have the best. When you have done all the preparations, now make a follow-up.

Call or send emails to the participants to confirm their attendant. It also helps you to know of any changes that may affect their attendance.

It makes them feel valued and appreciated for their interest in the conference.

The success of a conference lies in your hands. It’s the moment that your organization skills are put to the test. Do your best to give the attendees value for their time and money. These tips come in handy to support you in achieving the goals for this noble course.