Opportunities On The Program

The Leadership Program

What are the opportunities for participants?

The LA Program’s unique format makes the community the classroom and LA Program participants
are a diverse group, with a great mix of backgrounds, experiences, interests, learning styles, and
social styles. This is why the program provides a variety of opportunities for participants, including
the opportunity to:
*Become part of a broad, collaborative network of local leadership
* Understand the community as a system
* Broaden knowledge of the greater Asheville area
* Explore the diversity of local leadership styles
* Commit to a higher level of community service
* Forge strong relationships and gain a network of extensive contacts with their classmates,
prior graduates, and those outside the LA organization who are program guests
* Provide informed leadership on community affairs and activities within their own
* Meet and interact with the most engaged and influential local leaders
* Explore community issues, exchanging ideas and thoughts with classmates and experts
* Test and improve personal leadership, stewardship, and team skills by working on a small team project that will benefit the community
* Be viewed within your own organizations and within the community as current/emerging