What does the training manual entail?

  1. Communication skills training

Are you in a business where communication dictates failure or success in the enterprise? If yes, then this is the training for you.

Customer service managers, retail trade, and service industry benefit from this training. At the end of the session, trainees use psychology in communication to ensure everyone is comfortable around them.

  1. Conflict management skills

Conflict is inevitable in any workplace, even at home. The solutions stop at the top management to resolve all manner of disputes.

Not all of them end up in dismissal or corridors of justice. This training equips you with conflict resolution skills and strategies.

Besides, it gives you the knowledge to prevent such scenarios.

  1. Personal etiquette

How do you carry out yourself as a leader? Do you know people look upon you as a leader for direction and moral authority?

How do you manage a team that isn’t confident with you merely because of how you carry out yourself? If this defines you, then this is the training for you.

  1. Engagement and motivation

What do you do as a leader if you have a de-motivated staff? How do you get your team to wear a smiling face with all the work pressures around them?

Our facilitators have the answer for you as a trainee in this training.

  1. Public speaking skills

Public communication is common among leaders. Since you represent the company in various platforms, you must stand and communicate either in board rooms or in seminars.

It is not automatic. You avert stage fright using these skills from expertise to stand up in front of many and even get that standing ovation.

  1. General management and administration

As a leader, you carry the organization’s mantle in terms of making sure you achieve the organizational goals.

Also, you are in charge of the processes from behind- as a coordinator. A lot goes on in both management and administration.

The details are in this short course.

  1. Financial management

Business operations and processes involve cash I and out. In the retail industry, many cash flows need keenness and excellent leadership skills as a supervisor to ensure finances reach the intended purpose.

Your accounting officers, including you, need this course to keep up with the income/expenditure finances.

This is an introductory course for all management and administration staff.

What you learn in school is the tip of the iceberg in the corporate world.

It would help if you now had practical training to ensure you discharge your duties with decorum and professionalism as a leader.

Talk to us today and enroll in our programs that we are rolling out in due course. Look at our testimonial page and see what our trainees have to say about us.

Life-changing reviews are what we want to hear.